Toffeln TripStop

How much could a trip cost?
If someone is off work for six weeks with a broken leg, how much would it cost in sick pay, cover, overtime, insurance and compensation? What if the case went to court? What about the loss of expertise, training of temporary staff, and the effect on morale?

Did you know:
– Slips and trips are the biggest cause of serious injuries to healthcare workers

– Every year around 10,000 people suffer a major slip or trip injury whilst at work

– On average 90% result in broken bones

– In fact they account for far more major injuries than manual handling and falls from height added together.

The simple solution
Every day theatre staff are turning to this product, as they’ve seen the consequences of not using it. This brightly coloured single use cable and pipe cover, immediately attracts attention, significantly reducing the danger of tripping.

Code: TS40R

Description: 40-meter roll of TripStop cable cover in a dispenser box

Product Features

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