Toffeln AcheStop

Toffeln’s new AcheStop anti-fatigue mat offers protection from the health risks of long periods standing and from the costs and disruption of cancelled operations.

AcheStop has been specifically designed for use by surgeons that stand for long periods at the operating table to reduce fatigue and back pain, so that they can perform long procedures without pain – AcheStop offers the ultimate in disposable theatre floor cushioning.

Even when wearing the best footwear, your comfort is greatly improved with AcheStop.

The AcheStop anti-fatigue mat offers:
– Exceptional comfort reducing fatigue and back pain
– Non-curl and bevelled edges to prevent tripping
– Reduced cleaning and mess – fully disposable for daily replacement
– Light adhesive fixing to the floor to prevent unnecessary movement
Code: ASM20
Description: Box of 20 AcheStop anti-fatigue mats


At first I was quite a sceptic. How could this it that simple? After the first try during a long and complex case I felt far less fatigued than usual...but I still couldn’t believe it and thought it was a placebo effect. I tried it again in two separate occasions. Well, after the third case I can’t doubt it any longer. It makes an enormous difference to my well being. That well-known feeling of fatigue, lower back and legs is just far less pronounced. Sometimes simple solutions seem too good to be true. Occasionally though they are true! This mat seems to be exactly the exception to the rule. One thing is for sure. It doesn’t harm to try!

Mr Fabio De Robertis
Consultant Cardiac and Tranplant Surgeon at Harefield Hospital

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