ErgoTrics Operoll

Proper positioning of the patient provides optimal access to the surgical or medical procedure site while maintaining body function and structural integrity.

The Operoll is placed under the patient on the operating table (or any other supporting surface). When the patient needs (re)positioning, the Operoll is partially or fully inflated using compressed air, which will lift the patient in the desired position. The Operoll can maintain this position until the deflation valve is opened. Thanks to the simple cylinder shape and easy deflation/inflation valve, the Operoll provides optimal positioning for a wide range of applications, such as prone positioned epidural in pain clinics, lateral positioning (AAA and kidney procedures), difficult intubations, etc…

Animation shows prone positioned epidural. The Operoll can also be used for Face Care on the ICU, Lateral Position, Pancreatic Endoscopy and Difficult intubation.

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Product Features

  • Optimal Positioning

    The Ergotrics cushions are designed as a mirror image of the human skeleton. In this way, they supports the ribcage and pelvis, while leaving the abdomen free from pressure.

  • Better Ergonomics

    Using compressed air instead of manual labour is an ergonomic breakthrough for hospital staff. 90% of existing users say that “minimal to no force is required to position patients into prone position”.

  • X-Ray Transmission

    The Ergotrics solutions are fully X-ray radiolucent, which facilitates X-ray applications.

  • Optimal Hygiene

    COVID-19 has heightened the world’s awareness of attention to hygiene. Ergotrics offers disposable, single patient use and reusable inflatable solutions depending on the infection risk.

  • Sterile



At Toffeln, we are committed to providing innovative products that improve the well-being of healthcare staff and their patients. With the addition of ErgoTrics, we are confident that we can better serve the medical industry, improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of injury to healthcare professionals.

Harry Turner
Sales Director at Toffeln

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