EyeSafe Tabs & Dispenser

EyeSafe Tabs are used for covering the eyes during surgeries while the patient is under anaesthesia. Toffeln’s EyeSafe tabs are used to prevent dry eyes, harm to the skin, eyebrows & eyelashes, and protects eyes from external splashes during the operation.

EyeSafe Tabs are Available in Adult (ESA0050) & Child (ESC0050) variations.

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Product Features

  • Advantages for Patients

    Doesn't hurt the skin, eyebrows and eyelashes while removing (post operation) | Protect eyes from external splashes during operation | Protects eyes from drying out during long operations | Medical grade material avoids any skin irritation (even on sensitive skin) | Reduces corneal abrasion risk.

  • Advantages for Healthcare Professionals

    The transparent structure makes for easy pupil dilation control and is visible at any time without removing the EyeSafe tab - The coloured, non-sticky handle allows for easy and fast application and removal. This reduces the operational risk and saves on application time

  • CE Marked

    CE Marked

  • Single Use

    Single Use

  • Latex Free

    Latex Free

Code Description Case QTY NPC Code
ESA0050 EyeSafe Adult Eye Safety Tabs 50 pairs BWG85005
ESC0050 EyeSafe Child Eye Safety Tabs 50 pairs Toffeln Only
ESH1000 EyeSafe Dispenser for ESA0050 1 BWG85004

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